Hotel Residence Mendolita
Lipari, IT 16 C


The Hotel offers free Wi-Fi?

Yes, the hotel Mendolita offers free internet access in all its spaces.

Do you host small children?

Yes, we host families with small children by applying a convenient charge policy. For further details
please contact

Does the hotel have a concierge service?

We offer concierge service from April to October from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, from November
to March from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. It is necessary to communicate the time of check in and check out.

What are the best times of the year to visit the island?

Lipari and the Aeolian Islands are wonderful destinations to visit all year round. Temperatures are mild in spring and in autumn.

What documents do I need to have to travel?

The usual travel documents, such as a passport. Don’t forget your driving license if you would like to rent a car.

Do you organize excursions and activities?

Our reception will suggest and organize a variety of activities for you.

What activities do you suggest during my stay?

You can try some types of sea sports like jet skiing or diving. If you like to do hiking, in the mild season the Aeolian Islands are perfect to be discovered by foot, or you can visit the Aeolian Archaeological Museum in the area of the Castle. Alternatively, you can visit the various churches and participate in the local fairs and festivals of the island.

– The Castle of Lipari where you can visit:
– the archaeological excavations
– the interesting archaeological museum “Luigi Bernabò Brea”
– the cathedral (1094) and inside the Norman cloister
– the church of Santa Caterina (16th century)
– the church of the Addolorata (17th century) sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lipari
– the church of the Immacolata (18th century)
– the church of Maria SS. Delle Grazie (18th century)
– the church of the Anime del Purgatorio (13th century) at the small harbour of Marina Corta with the reconstruction of the area in toy model
– the archaeological park of the contrada Diana
– le terme di San Calogero con l’antico thòlos di origine micenea, scoperto nel 1984, e all’intermo dell’edificio un interessante “Museo della Memoria” sulla storia delle terme e della pomice di Lipari
– le montagne bianche della zona pomicifera con le fabbriche oggi dismesse
– the thermal baths of San Calogero with the ancient tholos of Mycenaean origin, discovered in 1984, and inside of the building an interesting “Museo della Memoria” on the history of the baths and pumice of Lipari
– the white mountains of the pumice area with the factories now fallen into disuse

the steaming thermal baths and climbing to the crater

climbing to the crater

climbing to Monte dei Porri and Monte Felci rich of vegetation; museum section nearby
of the lake Lingua

archaeological excavations, museum section, excursion by sea to the “Grotta del Bue Marino” and “La Canna”

climbing among the thick heather

with around its islets and the endogenous manifestations on the sea due to the presence of underwater volcanoes

Does the hotel offer a car and motorbike rental service?

Yes, we offer rental service.

Does the hotel offer a transport service from/to the harbour/airport?

Yes, we offer a transport service to and from the harbour and from the airport of Catania to the harbour of Milazzo.
Please contact for details and to make the necessary

Does the hotel allow pets?

No, they are not allowed.

What credit cards are accepted?

MasterCard, Visa, American Express.

What does the Mediterranean cuisine consist of?

By tasting the local cuisine, you will have the opportunity to offer yourself a refined gastronomic experience. You will find a variety of dishes based on vegetables, legumes, fish, cereals and,
of course, olive oil. Furthermore, you can try Vulcano cheeses, seasonal fruit and local wine! It is not a coincidence that many researchers have associated the Mediterranean diet with longevity, and they recommend it for a healthy lifestyle. Finally, vegetarian and vegan dishes are also available.

Why Mendolita?

Mendolita is a strategically located area in the heart of the centre of Lipari. It is characterized
by a particularly quiet and relaxing atmosphere, while offering quick access to the
nightlife and the numerous hiking and sightseeing opportunities to other islands of the archipelago.

What makes your Hotel/Residence unique?

Our welcoming and attentive staff, and hotel owners are always available.

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